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How it Works

  1. Book your appointment - call or text to book. I find texting much easier as I can keep track of everyone who messages me, then I call when I'm finished grooming for the day.
  2. I arrive - please have your pet caught and ready to go, leashes work great! Doggies hiding for 20 minutes while you try and find them sets back our entire day, so we ask that you have your pet(s) ready to go.
  3. Nail trim time! - I will ask you to either hold your dog, your dog's head (for larger pups) or I will set up my table depending on each dog's preference. For the more difficult dogs the table is a hundred times easier to use, please let me know if you think your pooch is very difficult but don't worry, I've worked with the worst of the worst!
  4. Any extras? - I will apply a quick paw balm which keeps your friend's paws smooth and hydrated like a hand cream, but specially formulated for dogs. If you want your dog's feet / paws trimmed I am happy to do that as well. I also provide face trims. Please click here to see a full list of services
  5. Clean up - I will vacuum up any bits of hair or nails that were left behind (that's right, no mess for you!).
  6. Payment - I'll ask for payment and we can book your next appointment for a 10% discount if it's booked at the time of your previous appointment.
  7. Enjoy the silence - That's right, little to no clicking of nails on the floor and a nice trimmed up set of paws, what could be better?

The only way your groom will ever look good is with the proper skills, however tools and products will make the dog look and feel that extra 25%

Products I use

All my grooming products are top of the line, show dog grooming products. I take a huge amount of pride in my work and spend a lot of time and money making sure I'm always using the best of the best on my furry friends. Included below are some of the brands I pride myself in using.