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Certified Advanced Professional Groomer

IPG certified with honors (over 90% on every grade).

Force Free / Fear Free

Many pets can find grooming terrifying. I use new and scientifically proven techniques to make your your pet has the most comfortable and fun experience for them.

Cats and Dogs

After over 10 years in the pet industry I can make your pet feel happy and comfortable. All breeds, all sizes!

Walk in Services

Dog Nail Trims

Nail trims for all sizes, breeds, and ages. We offer gentle nail trims without too much stress for you or your dog.

Dremel Service

I use a dremel with a diamond bit that doesn't heat up or wear down like sandpaper often can. Dremeling makes the nail nice and smooth and can get a tiny bit closer to the quick which allows the quick to recede even faster!

Cat Nail Trims

Is your kitty scratching everything? Nail trims can prevent a lot of excess scratching and also keeps a lot of those nail sheddings from getting stuck in your carpet

Paw Trims

Shaving the pads of many breeds allows for better grip, less muddy mess, and no snowballs. Trimming the tops of the long fluffs on the top of the dog's feet also prevents a lot of mess, which can cause chewing or licking. Mats can form which are painful and annoying for your dog.

Cats can also have their pads shaved to prevent litter from sticking to them!

Face Trims

Face trims prevent matting, gross puppy beards, and your pup not being able to see. They also prevent a lot of eye irritation and eye goobers.

Bum Trims

Without being too graphic, bum trims prevent urine and feces from building up and causing a mess

Shaves / Dematting

Available on request. I will attempt to comb out any mats or tangles. Note that I reserve the right to stop at any time if the pet is in distress or pain. Any mats may be shaved on my request.

Leg and Pant trims

This prevents matting, snowballs, and carrying in dirt. Especially recommended for older or very active dogs.

Why Choose Me

Why bother calling me?

Certified Advanced Professional Groomer. Certified Veterinary Assistant. I have been working with animals since 2009 where I worked at a vet clinic. I've learned all kinds of handling techniques to use with your pets that keep them safe and comfortable.

Low volume salon means your pet will have tons of one on one attention keeping them safe and happy.

No mess! Leave all that hair with me

Kind, gentle, experienced, and friendly!

"Katlin always seems to be able to do all of Bella's nails. No vet has ever been able to finish but Bella didn't even flinch when Katlin touched her feet. I'm amazed!"

"All three of my cats just sit on Katlin's lap as she does their nails. It's unreal."

"Katlin is fast, punctual, and kind. My dogs love her."

"She was able to do my crazy pitbull's nails in less than ten minutes. My dog can take a vet's arm off and always ends up muzzled and pinned!! She didn't even have to restrain him. The real dog whisperer!"

"She shows her dogs so I know she makes sure Deeogee's nails are short as a show dog's. Great work from this kid"

Pricing Table

Please call us for a quote. Be ready to prive your dog's breed, weight, and coat type (403) 454-0301

Bath and Tidy

$50+Pricing Varies

  • Bath and blowdry

  • Nails Clipped and Ears Cleaned

  • Face, feet, bum, and pads trimmed

Kennel Cut

$65+Pricing varies

  • Bath and blowdry

  • Nails Clipped and Ears Cleaned

  • Full haircut 1/2" and SHORTER

Show Toes Plan

$75+Pricing varies

  • Bath and blowdry

  • Nails Clipped and Ears Cleaned

  • Full haircut 1/2" and LONGER

  • Full hand scissor for a perfect finish

Hand Stripping

$10Per 10 minutes

  • Bath and blowdry

  • Nails Clipped and Ears Cleaned

  • Handstripping to breed standard


$85+Pricing varies

  • Bath and blowdry

  • Nails Clipped and Ears Cleaned

  • Full hand scissor for a perfect finish

About Me

Katlin Primrose


Hi there, I’m Katlin and I’m a Certified Advanced Professional Groomer. I’ve worked in vet clinics for 7 years dappling in General Practice, Emergency, and Exotics. I learned so much about handling animals and keeping them safe as well as recognizing potential skin / behavioural issues. Because of this additional education I’m very uniquely qualified to work with pets of all sizes and ages.

After leaving the vet clinics for good I focused on my grooming skills. Both handling techniques, calming signals, etc. I took many online courses, read countless articles, and watched hours of videos to see how I could make myself a better groomer! After 5 years of grooming I decided to get my IPG certification. The most prestigious of grooming c ertifications! It took about 15 hours to finish all my testing (written and practicals) and I passed with 100 (X4), 98, and 97.

I have a Tamaskan Dog named Wylie, he’s my heart dog. He put me in situations I would have never imagined, like working with a dog who has zero praise motivation, to stepping in the ring at a CKC show for obedience…with an arctic breed! He and I have taught each other to scooter, skijor, sled, longboard, Rally Obedience, Formal Obedience, Barn Hunt, Focus heeling, and trick training. He is the most titled Tamaskan in the world right now! I show Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds for a local breeder, I also groom them in their breed handstripped pattern for the show ring. I have since fallen in love with dashies!

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