Brands I use

I only use Artero Cosmetics, read below to learn more!


Artero has more than 20 years of experience
producing cosmetics that are specifically
designed by groomers for groomers.
Our company mission is to make Best In
Show cosmetics available to every grooming
Artero is a company committed to the
environment and sustainability. That’s why
we are one of the first brands producing
environmentally friendly cosmetics, created
using natural products and containing no
animal by products. Our cosmetics have
the authorization and registration of the
Ministry of Agriculture and Environment
and are packaged in 100% reusable and
recyclable containers.


What I Love

  • Works for all coats, I can choose a specific shampoo to get the finish I want from whitening to texturizing
  • Listed ingredients. I love that they have nothing to hide and have a short ingredient list.
  • Economical for myself and my clients. If you find your dog is matting up, stinky, etc, I can recommend a smaller sized product of Artero for you to purchase and use at home!
  • Show Ring to Couch, I use Artero products on my show dogs and pets.

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