Hi, I'm Katlin

In the show ring

Or tricks in the park...

I love working with all breeds of dogs. From day one I wanted a wolf, I was totally obsessed with them. I brought Wylie the Tamaskan Dog into my home the second I moved out, he and I then entered the obedience ring together. We learned to work together and train as a team. But I saw friends showing their dogs in conformation...and so began the beginning of the end.

I became a groomer in 2012 after graduating from Bow Valley College with a Veterinary Assistant Certificate (Hons). I was working in exotics after finishing my general practice and emergency clinic rotations and was shaving the feet of a cocker spaniel. I remember thinking, I bet I could do a better job of this...

So I learned from several groomers in Calgary to be a pet groomer. Wylie and I welcomed Crystal the Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund as a visitor for several weeks to begin our show dog training. Since then we have taken several huge prizes in the all-breed and specialty rings. I have also grown as a groomer, and have gotten to work with some of the top winning dogs in my area. 

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