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About the groomer

Competition Results

Mastergroom 2019 - first competition!
Judge: Johnathan David
Placement: 3rd
Class size: 10+
Class: Wirecoat / Handstrip

Ch. Wagswell Squeakquel Before

Ch. Wagswell Squeakquel After

Hi there, I'm Katlin!


I started in vet clinics back in 2007 working in the boarding department. I returned to school and aquired my VOA / VTA (veterinary office assistant and veterinary technical assistant) certificates from Bow Valley college, graduating with honors. 

I discovered International Professional Groomers (IPG) after 3 years of grooming and quickly finished my first 4 exams and 2 practicals. I moved up to Advanced Level where I also quickly finished those 3 exams and 2 practicals. ALL my grades were over 90%! Recently in October of 2019 I finished my Fear Free Certification with a 95% average. I am excited to be only the 3rd groomer in Calgary to have this prestigous title!

I'd seen my friend showing her aussie, then smooth dachshund and I wanted to try too! I approached Wagswell kennel who graciously offered me a miniature wirehaired dachshund to show, and compete with on my own. Crystal has allowed me to enter and fall in love with showing, she's also been excellent practice for handstripping. We've won so many prizes and ribbons, but my favourite thing is having a judge tell me her coat looks amazing and having that little dog stare up at me with her tail wagging.

I do not believe in using force, I always work with the dog and ASK them to do something. I understand the difference between fear and being a little spoiled and I absolutely love grooming more difficult dogs.

BPIG Ch. Wagswell's Raise Your Glass MW
Best in Sweeps over 50+ puppies

Sierra Kaweah RN RI CRN-MCL TTDA
Leg one of CA