About Me

Hi there, I'm Katlin! I am 25 years old and have loved animals since before I could walk. I have had 3 Labradors, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Tamaskan dog. I've also had several cats, bettas, and hamsters.

I started working in a Vet Clinic in 2008 as a Boarding / Daycare attendant, which eventually included giving medications and insulin injections. I absolutely loved it, but I wanted to go further in the Veterinary world. I decided to become a Veterinary Assistant. In 2012 I graduated from Bow Valley College with a certificate as a Veterinary / Technician Assistant. I also got my "Human" First Aid certificate (St. Johns) as well as my "Animal" first Aid certificate (Walks'N Wags). I returned to my first Vet Clinic after a month long practicum at another one, but ended up leaving. At my first vet clinic I learned lots and got to help with Eastern as well as Western medicine practices. This was when I also added my Tamaskan, Wylie, to my family.

In 2014 I was taught to groom by an incredible lady who had been grooming several years. She taught me everything there was to know about shorter "kennel cuts". Unfortunately, with not enough dogs to go around I ended up at another salon. This lady was very kind to me and taught me all the gaps in my knowledge of scissoring and not relying on clippers. Finally I ended up where I am now. I started my own business, Primpaws Grooming, in August of 2015. I groom at Neverending Tailz in Sundance - SE Calgary.

Certificates / Continuing Education

As with dog training, there will always be new and safer ways to groom. I try to do as many courses as I can to keep my understanding of grooming and safety to the highest levels you can expect.

  • "Grooming Difficult Cats" by NCGIA (National Cat Groomers Institute of America) 2016
  • "The Lion Trim" perfecting your Lion Trim by NCGIA (National Cat Groomers Institute of America) 2016
  • Walk and Wags certified First Aid 2014
  • St.John's Ambulance certified First Aid 2012
  • Veterinary Office Assistant / Veterinary Technician Assistant by Bow Valley College (academic honors) 2012

July 31, 2017: I'm officially beginning my process of becoming an International Certified Master Groomer. I've just enrolled in the Certified Professional Groomer (CPG) course offered by IPG.


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